ZERO Energy Usage with Industrial Magnetics Inc.'s Magnetic Pneumatic Line Housing

Dennis O’Leary, Chief Business Development Officer, Industrial Magnetics, Inc.Dennis O’Leary, Chief Business Development Officer,Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
Based on its successful drawer-in-housing platform of magnets for gravity and choke-feed applications, the Pneumatic Line Housing (PLH) from Industrial Magnetics, Inc. incorporates a series of 1” diameter, 55 MgOe Rare Earth tubes on staggered centers - versus single, center-flow and “out of flow” cartridge circuits often prescribed for pneumatic line systems. This configuration ensures that all material flowing through the housing makes repeated contact with the magnets. The resulting capture rate of ferrous and weakly magnetic stainless contaminants far exceeds any other magnetic separator available for this type of application.

Like all of Industrial Magnetics’ SimpleClean™ and EZ Clean™ product, the PLH requires ZERO energy of any kind to operate, capture contaminants in the product stream or when an operator needs to clean or perform maintenance on it.

Nedox® coated Rare Earth tubes are standard. Nedox® is a synergistic, self-lubricating, FDA-approved surface enhancement. It provides protection from abrasive particulates and corrosive materials and assists in keeping material with bridging and clogging tendencies from adhering to the magnetic tubes. All of these features result in a more effective magnet that is stronger, easier to clean and will require less maintenance than other products available in the marketplace.
The PLH is designed for vertically and horizontally mounted applications and comes with a catch pan for contaminants, which can then be laboratory-tested for use in locating contamination entry points in the processing stream.

SimpleClean, EZ-Clean and Self-Clean are the standard cleaning methods available. EZ-Clean requires the loosening of T-clamps and subsequent manual opening of the drawer to ensure the magnetic tubes are pulled through the wiper seal plate, allowing contaminants to collect in the pan. The patented Self-Clean option incorporates pneumatically actuated cylinders to open and close the drawer, accomplishing the same cleaning result.

The PLH has been engineered to ensure that there are no line pressure drops or surges, thereby optimizing the processing stream in terms of product flow, product purification and capital equipment protection. Standard pipe-size options include 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” and 8”, with the following additional options available:

• Food grade finish and welds
• Sanitary finish and welds
• ANSI bolt pattern flanges
• ANSI spec flanges
• Custom line sizes
• Couplings
• Cam lock fittings

The PLH is the latest addition to IMI’s options for pneumatic line protection. The Bullet® magnet incorporates a center-flow cartridge and can be used in a variety of angles and positions, including a cart-mounted option. The EP Tube features a magnetic circuit that is “out-of-flow”, for products such as noodles where degradation is a concern - as well as material that tends to clog and congeal. Both the Bullet® and EP Tube designs feature door-mounted circuits (a clear advantage over other products that require the removal of heavy magnetic circuits for cleaning) and are available in 45-52 MgOe Rare Earth and Ceramic Grade 8 magnet material options. Lastly, the 4JIT is ideal for vacuum loading systems and features and easy-to-clean clamping mechanism. It is designed exclusively with a single 55 MgOe Rare Earth tube.
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